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my country's logistics industry will push the corporate integrity red and black list
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On June 1, the 2018 (Second) National Logistics Integrity and Innovation Conference was held in Haikou. At the meeting, Liu Xilong, director of the Transportation and Logistics Division of the Economic Development and Regulation Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed that in 2018, my country will carry out the establishment of a credit mechanism for the logistics industry. Specific matters include mechanisms such as red and black lists, joint rewards and punishments, application of credit achievements, credit monitoring and evaluation, and industry organization linkage.

It is understood that the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing will carry out pilot work on the construction of a credit system in the logistics industry among A-level logistics enterprises. And through the establishment of a corresponding credit assessment management system, the business behavior of A-level enterprises will be evaluated in good faith, among which outstanding units will be recommended to the national "integrity China" platform "red list"; "Blacklist" directory, and regularly pushed to various credit information platforms across the country. At the same time, "blacklist" enterprises will also be canceled A-level enterprise qualifications.