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The new express delivery regulations will be implemented next month to see which ones are relevant to you
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Concerned about the leakage of personal information, compensation for lost express mail, and whether the three-way express delivery is legal... China’s first administrative regulation specifically on the express delivery industry, the "Express Provisional Regulations," published on March 27 this year made clear about the concerns of users Regulations.

The regulations will come into effect on May 1, what impact will it have on express companies, and what other opinions need to be improved? Zhang Yaoren, chairman of Zhengzhou Express Association and general manager of Henan Zhongtong Express Co., Ltd., talked about his views when interviewed. It is also recommended that like the construction of shopping malls and kindergartens near the community, the setting of express delivery points should be incorporated into the planning of the entire city to effectively manage the mess of express delivery.

Personal privacy protection

The maximum penalty for leaking sender information is 100,000

In 2016, the courier real-name system was officially implemented, but in the actual implementation process, some people were reluctant to write their real names, and they worried that the courier company could not protect their privacy.


It is forbidden to record user identification information other than name (name), address, and contact phone number on the express waybill.

Courier companies should properly keep electronic data such as user information, regularly destroy express waybills, and have the responsibility to adopt effective technical means to ensure the safety of user information. Enterprises and their employees shall not sell, divulge or illegally provide user information learned during the delivery service. For the user information known during the sale, disclosure or illegal provision of express delivery services, if the circumstances are serious, the illegal gains shall be confiscated, and a fine of more than 50,000 yuan but less than 100,000 yuan shall be imposed. .

Zhang Yaoren:

These regulations will reduce the risk points of personal information leakage, clarify the boundary of the enterprise's collection of user information, and effectively deter illegal and illegal acts such as unauthorized opening, concealment, destruction, reselling, illegal inspection of other people's express mail or illegal detention of express mail, "We When a courier company holds an internal meeting or training, it will also strengthen the education of the courier brother in this regard."