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How to resolve the contradiction between express delivery and city management?
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Today, express delivery services have penetrated into people's daily lives. According to the data, the national express delivery volume in 2017 was 40.06 billion, which was 33.4 times that in 2007. The rapid development of express delivery also brings environmental, safety, and transportation issues to the city, especially the contradiction between the standardized management of megacities and the traditional operation mode of the express logistics industry. How to resolve these contradictions?

Where does the courier outlet "set up"

The lack of planning and the increase in costs have made the delivery of courier outlets a bit far from the service target

At 5:30 in the morning, depart from Shunyi Loutai Village near the Capital Airport and pick up at the distribution center located in Yao Store in Shunyi; at 7:30, the pickup is completed and go to the Dongcheng District distribution point; at 9:00, arrive at the distribution point and stop for unloading , Sort the parcels on the electric tricycle and start delivery; at 3 pm, the delivery ends and enters the receiving time; at 8 pm, we will depart for Shunyi to deliver the goods, more than 40 kilometers one way; at 12 pm, return to Loutai Village to rest. This is the day-to-day work of Yang Xiqiu, the head of the six branches of Beijing Yousudongcheng, and his couriers.

Yang Xiqiu said that now there are more and more express mails, but it is more and more difficult to find a suitable place in the city to set up an outlet. "In the past, the outlet was in a small courtyard in Dongcheng District. Later, with the process of urban governance, The outlet moved three times and moved farther and farther. Now it has moved to Loutai Village in Shunyi, where the office, customer service and employees are all in the village."

"An important reason for this situation is that the installation of express delivery outlets and the allocation of land for distribution yards have not been included in the urban planning." Zhao Guojun, director of the Post Development Research Center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said in an interview with a reporter from the Economic Daily, From the perspective of urban express delivery operations, the environment at the end of the collection and investment is different.

Another important reason for the "difficult to set up a home" at the end of express delivery is cost. In megacities like Beijing, housing prices and rents have risen rapidly, and the rental costs of courier outlets have accounted for 20% to 25% of operating costs. For example, Chang'an Street and CBD in Beijing, where the price is huge, the rent of these places adds a great cost burden to express delivery companies.