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Can the implementation of the new regulations make express packaging green?
发布时间:2020-06-09 00:23:21 点击量:185

In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce, the express delivery industry has exploded, but the problems of excessive packaging and waste of materials brought about by mass express delivery have also attracted widespread attention.

Article 9 of the "Interim Regulations on Express Delivery", which came into effect on May 1 this year, clearly states, "The State encourages enterprises and senders operating express services to use degradable and reusable environmentally friendly packaging materials, and encourages enterprises operating express services to adopt Measures to recover packaging materials for express shipments, and to achieve reduction and reuse of packaging materials". Can the implementation of the new regulations make express packaging "downsizing"? What other issues need to be resolved urgently to achieve green utilization? The reporter visited this.

Reduce risks, cater to customers, and let express parts wear a thick "vest"

Two days ago, Ms. He, a provincial capital citizen, bought a set of cosmetics online. After opening the outermost package, she went through a “complex” disassembly process: she cut the tape wrapped around the decompressed bubble bag, and then opened the bubble bag , Untie the rope wrapped around the paper packaging, and then open the paper packaging...

A courier unpacked a lot of courier packages, "retaining too much space, can only throw away." Ms. He said.

Like Ms. He, many people choose to throw it away when handling express packaging. The reporter interviewed more than a dozen provincial capital citizens randomly, most of them said they did not know the provisions of the "Express Provisional Regulations" regarding green packaging, and more than half of the respondents said they would throw away the express packaging directly.

There are about 3.2 billion woven bags, about 6.8 billion plastic bags, 3.7 billion packaging boxes, and 330 million rolls of tape... This is the statistical data of the materials used for express packaging in 2016. The data also shows that the carton recycling rate of the entire express delivery industry is less than 20%. In addition, most of the packaging including transparent tape, air bags, plastic bags, etc. are sent to the landfill, and the main raw material of these packaging is polyvinyl chloride, which takes hundreds of years to degrade.